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Do you still carry trauma that you can’t seem to shake no matter what you try?

It could be because you were never meant to carry the full weight of your life.

Nancy McCready’s powerful story reveals the deepest trauma we carry is our separation from God, and none of our wounds can truly be healed until we are reconciled and dependent on God.

Nancy tells of her transformation, not just from horrific depths of pain and trauma, but also from her core sin of independence. Her story of God’s amazing redemption is the driving force behind Nancy McCready Ministries (NMM), which is focused on a powerful return to true biblical discipleship.

In this book, Nancy reveals our need for deliverance from what has happened to us and, even more, for total emancipation from the heavy yoke of our inherited, defiled state of independence from God.

Until we address both sides of this intense need, we will never live as the full-out, mature people that God has always desired and planned for us, in Christ.

In From Trauma to Trust, you will learn:

• The true root of all your trauma
• How to come out from under your own care and into the full nurturing of God
• Why your healing is about the Source you go to, not the people who wound you
• Deceptions concerning true biblical justice and forgiveness
• How God’s relentless love for you sets you free from the bondage of human love
• How to recognize patterns of self-dependency, self-protection, self-indulgence, and a victim mentality
• To recognize that sexual sin comes from a deep root of bitterness
• Your identity, purpose, life, and future in Christ through the power of the Cross

Take a listen and follow along as Nancy tells about her journey From Trauma to Trust. Experience a personal, powerful look at how the Cross of Jesus Christ transforms and frees you from your darkest betrayals and your strongest bondage.

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